Tuesday, September 8, 2009

[NEWS] What will happen to 2PM now?

So what's to come of 2PM?

JYP Entertainment stated:

"It seems there will be issues with 2PM's future activities. For now, Jaebeom has stated that he wants to return to American as soon as possible. Because of Jaebeom's controversy, we have not made any decisions on 2PM's future activities."

2PM was supposed to make a comeback in October with their 2nd album, however due to Jaebeom's leave, nothing is certain as of yet. JYPE is still unsure of whether 2PM should be a 6-member group, or if they should recruit a new member. Consequently, JYPE also needs to choose a new leader for 2PM.

Credits: allkpop

ok..i din online for few days and one news that shocked me suddenly is the quitting of jay from 2pm..wth??..why is he quitting??..coz of the issue and everything??..fine..i'm not so sure what is happening before but one thing that i know..i want him to pursue his dreams..fight for it and never give up..i was on phone wif wawa unnie when she told me that wooyoung fainted in the airport when he was about to send jay back to me up! of k-entertainment is really cruel..recently so many bad things happen including dbsk lawsuit but one news that cheer me up is ss501 will going to have a persona tour in malaysia..haha..i think i wanna go but dunnoe whether my mom let or not..huhu..
so as for my 2pm dearies..hwaiting ne~~!! and dun forget to cheer jay too even he is not around with you but he will always be in your heart..=)
and hwaiting too babe~..come to korea once in a while to visit your fans..don't give up and fight for your dreams k..=)

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