Thursday, August 27, 2009

[RANDOM] I will miss her..

see the girl wearing the white tudung who is sitting beside me?..she is my housemate and my roommate, fara but younger than me by a year and taking accountancy..after 2 months in the same house and room, now she will be leaving for Beijing..offered to study Mandarin as the 2nd language and will be there for 5 years..i'm going to miss her badly and i'm ready to flood this place with our tears when she leaves..huhu..even 2 months is a very short time but enough for us to be close as real sisters..not only me feel that way but the whole house too..ohya, anyway i turned her into a cassie few weeks ago..haha..she's so in love with junsu but she's already have someone more special..haha..btw, see the pics wif 4 people up there?..they all are cassies..i spread dong bang virus and they really can't find the cure right
as for the purple girls behind fara and me are nurul who wears the light purple and syuhada for darker purple..both are so into changmin..hahaha..they are going crazy whenever they see him..hahaha..but one will be leaving and now only left soulfighter..huhu..
so for fara..i just can pray for her best and good luck in future undertakings..dun forget us here in puncak perdana where once you were here with us creating sweet memories..=) hwaiting and saranghae~..*sob* *sob*


Anonymous said...

weee... even my bestie pun dah syok kat leader yunho... hahaha!
now baru la she knows how irresistible DBSK is! hehe!

aizamia boojaejoong said...

hara tau x pe..
at 1st they just buat x tau..
but i pasang their songs everyday and they get attracted..
they like kiss the baby sky, mirotic, doushite, survivor and love in the ice the
aiyo~..lagi excited bila dapat tau dat min yang tulis lirik for LITI..haha