Monday, July 20, 2009

[RANDOM] Here I Am again

hey every dear readers..1st of all..thanks for still visiting my blog..
erm..just wanna say that i really MISS THE BOYS N YOU GUYS TOO!..honestly, am so outdated about them right now and feel so lost..gosh~..there are so many new updates and news, pics etc..feel like can't really catch them all..just see their pics already make me 0_o..haha..

i thought i won't be so busy when 1st i came here but it turned to be otherwise..
my classes are not really that packed but as you guys only just 1st semester here so everything and surroundings are new for me..and we are new to them also..yesterday and saturday we just finished with faculty week on sunday will have induction wif said induction is the term using for senior bullying junior but i dunnoe how far the truth is..we just wait and see..

few days back..i just bought broadband but of course its speed is not as high as streamyx..truthfully, i can't bear with it..haha..but what to do..we are not at home..aish..

and as for my social's great but sometimes or should i say most of the time i hafto bear wif some people that annoy me..i won't tell's enuf if i keep it to housemates n roommates are cool..they are

and one thing i feel kinda disappointed is i haven't found any cassies or kpop-ers here!..huhu..yeah..there are some of them but they are not really core like sad is that..*sigh*..but it's ok..=)

so, till here then i will continue later..hehe

p/s: see my new background?..JJ's forehead..i'm so gonna kiss it one day..hahahaha..i don't know..just by seeing his forehead already make me hyper..aiyo~..haha

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