Thursday, June 4, 2009

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>Starting Time: 14.53 pm
Name: Nur Aizah bt Abd Rahim
Sisters: 3 (1 elder and 2 youngers)
Brothers: 1
What are u wearing? : t-shirt and shorts
Favorite Number: 3
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: None.
Non-Alcoholic Drink: 100 plus..
Favorite Month: 12 months of the year..
Favorite Breakfast: Nasi Lemak!

***********Have You Ever*****************
Love someone so much who made you cry? : so far don't have..
Broken a bone: nope..
Been in a police car: police car never..
Been on a boat? : of course yes!
Came close to dying: once when i got my asthma attack..
Been in a hot tub: sure..hehe
Swam in the ocean: aiyer..of course nia..
Fallen asleep in school: of school life habit..
Broken someone's heart: i dun think so..
Cried when someone died: yeah..
Fell off your chair: several times..haha
Waited by the phone for someone to call:
Saved email: none..
Been Cheated On: no one..

***********What is****************

Your room like? : what a room should
Whats right beside you? : my sis lappie..
What is the last thing you ate? : rice with sambal sotong and sayur kacang..yummy!!

--------------------------Ever Had-------------------------------

Chicken pox: never..well, at least for
Sore throat: some times..
Broken nose: not even once..hehe..

-------------------Do You------------------------------------

Like picnics? : yeah..totally..hehe
Like School? : kinda sad coz cannot go to school anymore..huhu


Who was the last person you danced with? : my lil sisters..practising o dance step..haha
Who makes you smile? : Jaejoong!..Dbsk!..Cassies!..Friends and moi fams of course!

--------------------------Who / Why---------------------------------------------

Did you last yell at? : elder sis i
Do you like filling these things out? : boredom strikes!
Do you like yourself? : yeap..if not who else, right?..=)

----------------Final Questions---------------------------

What are you listening to right now? : syair si pari-pari by zamani
Hated someone in your family? : nope..luv them all!..hehe
What car do you wish to have? : for now is myvi i guess..hehehe..

----------------------------Today did you------------------------------

Talk to someone you like? : my fams nia..
Get sick? : dun think so..hehe
Sing: yeah..along wif my boys, dbsk..hahaha
Talked to an ex: i dun have an to talk..hahaha
Miss someone:'s Jae..hehehe

--------------------------Last person who---------------------------

Was in your bed: my mum..haha
You talked to on the phone? unnie..hehehe
Made you cry? : someone that is unreasonable..aish..
Went to the movies with? : my elder sis..last week watching night at the museum and
Been to Europe: wish to..
Been to Asia: am in Asia now..
Been to Russia: hope so..huhu
Been to the Bahamas: aish..not yet..haha
Been to Mexico: in time to come i guess..hehe
Been to Canada: anhiya..
Been to Africa: nope..
Been to Hawaii: nope..


Do you like someone at the moment: Jaejoong..hehe
What books are you reading right now: The Da Vincci Code!
Future kids names: haha..haven't come to that point yet..
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: yeah..dolphin pillow..hehe
What's under your bed? : dusts..hahaha
Favorite location? : my be front of my lappie..hahaha
Who do you really hate/dislike: someone that annoying and feel he's good at everything..
Do you have a job? : parkson hire me..hahaha
Ever liked some1 you thought you didn't have a chance with? : Mr.Kim Hero Jaejoong!
Are you lonely right now: nope..
Time finished: 15.11 AM

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