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[NEWS] Lee Minho's schedule

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LMH's Asian Tour news article
LMH of "BOF" will go on Asian promotion.
LMH will visit major Asian countries from June till September and meet fans face to face.
From the Taiwan promo in early June, China in July, Philippine in August and Japan in September
Japan promo will be final.

Considering the visit to Thailand and Japan in April he will visit major Asian countries actually.
His action is active to mark the dots to "Gu Jun Pyo" fever starting from the airing of 'BOF' in Asian
countries since April in Japan and Taiwan.

Mr. Han Su Han, the manager of Starhaus entertainment of LMH's management company
told "There were many visit inquiries from Asian countries. So we adjusted his schedule in order
to meet as many countries and fans as possible." "For the time being he will focus on working
for hallyu promotion. And will not make haste in his next project."

LMH's promotion schedule is very odd because it is started after the finishing point of
'BOF' local airing. It is general for drama promotion to start before it's airing. The peak foreign
airing schedule is on Japanese TV TBS in July summer vacation season.

LMH will visit Japan in September after the airing of 'BOF'. And for this Mr. Han Su Han says
"it's a strategy to meet fans after raising of his recognition through drama. In order to
dramatize the effect we decide another way than previous promotion. and we think it's more
effective to raise additional profit as re-run and dvd sales."

While LMH will go through operation of removal of iron core on his knee after Taiwan
visit in early June.
reporter Lee Dong Hyun

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