Thursday, April 9, 2009

[random] it doesn't make sense!

ok..almost like everyone knows my job is a part-time being promoter, right?..well, the last 2 days i had a big fight with my permanent, siew fong which usually i called her kak fong..ok..the story started when i was about to go to work..i received a message from her..da message should be sent to me around in the morning but i received it in the evening..around 5.30pm..i'm in for work starting 6pm..then i've already felt uneasy..when i entered the staff entrance and heading to SCS counter (da brand dat i'm working with)..she suddenly asked me this..

siew fong: hey aizah, u wanna work or not?..u were dreaming all day, huh?..why my sale yesterday was not good enough?

me: kak fong, yesterday there were not so many am i suppose to sell more?..

siew fong
: if you don't have heart to work here anymore, then just stop!

me: (i cannot stand it anymore since she had been asking me da same question before) fine!..if u want me to stop, then i'll stop! you wish!..

*then i went somewhere..i'm so pissed off till i cannot see her face!*

i was talking to another promoter when suddenly she called me..

siew fong: aizah, come here a while..

me: yeah..anything?..*with annoyed face*

siew fong: do u still want to work here o not?..

*when i wanna answered her, then kak liza, the executive for ladies department called me*

kak liza: SCS part timer!..come here a while..

me: yeah kak liza..anything?..

kak liza: aizah, can u still bear with kak fong?..i see you like you are not!..

me: i dunnoe..maybe i can..*this moment i started to burst into tears since i feel so angry!*

*then kak liza brought me into the fitting room and asking me what happen and i told her everything..kak liza agreed with me that kak fong totally being ridiculous..then kak liza went to see kak fong asking her what's all this about..then i heard kak fong's voice already risen up!..she's like wanna tell the whole parkson that her part-timer is not so good enough!..while me, i'm still emo-ish..cried and i tried to let go all..few moments later, she said she wanna go home since her shift already ended..when i came out, she said to me..

siew fong: if i made u upset, then i apologize..*shit!..u already made me pissed and embarrassed, then easily u wanna seek for forgiveness?..go to hell lah*..if u've already find new job then msg me..

*an hour passed by..suddenly my other promoter friends asked me whether i wanna quit from that work..then i said..i guess yes!..then they said..that's good since they need part-timer..haha..quitting SCS n working for CLASSIC PROFILE brand..
ok..the story not yet end..i msg-ed kak fong telling her i'm quitting and stuff then she replied my msg stated there i made her disappointed..wth??!!!.. she's stupid!..she made me hurt at the 1st place and now she said that i'm the one who letting her down?? ridiculous that can be?? i totally ignored the message..

well, i'm going to start working at my new place tomorrow but guess what..the classic profile brand just few steps away from scs..haha..and i will see her face everyday!..but i don't give a damn, man!..i won't care bout u anymore!..

aizah hwaiting!..hehe..kak fong, just change ur wonder people around u keep a distance from's u, urself is the problem!..


Anonymous said...

Wow... that is RIDICULIOUS..
Even though I don't really know what's happening..
Still that person mmg layak dmarah!!
adehH~ sabar jer la Aiai~
people yg bkerja mmg have to tahan hati.. huhu
thank God u hv a new job though~ kekeke~

DramaKlNG said...

adoish~~aiza..just bare with it..
and i think u make a good choice..
since dah tak tahan sangat dgn dia kan so just leave je..
bukan nyer u cant live without that job..
summore maybe been destined u have to move to classic brand side >w<
i hope that u will enjoy the new job then and pray for those evil aura away from u ^^

Naniko says Ho Ho Ho! said...

WTF?! what's wrong with her? menopause ke? hikhik.
sabar ye. tu la adat kita bekerja. ada yg suka ada gak yg xleh tgk org lebih.
whatever it is, gd luck with ur new department!

'Aija Aija' Hwaiting!