Sunday, March 8, 2009

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DongBangShinKi Tagged

Who is your favourite member?
jaejoong obviously.. :p

Who is your least favourite member?
i one since i love the other 4 equally..=)

Which MV did you first see?

Which MV is your favourite?
can i choose all since their mvs are the best to watch and never boring..hehe

What is your favourite video dancestep?
it's o jung ban hap and mirotic..but currently it's hey! da pelvic part..*faints*..haha..=)

Which TV show with DBSK is your favourite?
i dunnoe..since all the shows they appear in are my favs..hahaha

What do you think about them?
everything?..hell yes!..fully package..from good looks they have..they can dance, sing, act cute, be adorable, manly, mature and etc..too much to write..haha

What was the DBSK item that you bought?
albums, photobooks, puzzle, their latte sticks, posters and whatsoever that related to them..haha

Have you ever cried for DBSK?
cry?..i guess yes..when they talked about their hardships before they success like now or when they involve in unfortunate events like car accidents or sick coz due to overwork..totally heart-wrenching..huhu..aish..

Which member(s) do you wish to meet the most?
jaejoong of course..but still hope to meet the other 4..seriously..

Which member(s) do you think will like you?
i dunnoe..all of them?..*greedy*..hahaha

Which member do you want to go on a date with?
changmin coz i really wanna know him more..i feel like he's kinda secretive and mysterious sometimes..hehe

Which member(s) have you dreamt about?
all of them but jaejoong the often

Hero or Max? Hero
U-know or Xiah? can't choose..
Micky or Max? can't choose
Hero or U-know? why give such a hard question lah!..

Who should be the leader?
still pick and firmly's jung yunho!

When did you start knowing DBSK?
7 years ago..including this year of course..=)

Did you remember all their names? hero jaejoong, kim xiah junsu, uknow jung yunho, park micky yoochun n shim choikang changmin..hahaha

Do you ever regret knowing all these boys?
never..i never feel regret knowing them even a little..hehe

Tag People : u r reading this right?..then u r tagged!..heheh..sapa suruh bace..hahaha

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