Friday, February 27, 2009

[random] i'm bored so i....

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25
random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people
to be tagged.

1. i'm a daughter, sister, fan, human, lover, fangirl...lolx
2. i'm an asmathic patient
3. I'm stubborn
4. I'm a part time promoter at parkson there..lmao
5. seriously addicted to dbsk..daily drugs..haha
6. i have very low self-esteem..
7. part of my life has been in kpop world i guess..
8. i love my fams, csspf, n JAEJOONG ..haha
9. I love music n watching movies..
10. I love to on9 till late night..
11. I currently back to novel-reading habit..haha
12. having a bad flu recently..
13. scared of stpm result nia..
14. i never wear heels but semenjak jadi girly nih..dah mula pakai..hahaha
15. I love cycling and window shopping..hahaha
16. I hate sports..well..not even good at it..
17. i'm a chocolate lover..*patut lah bam bam..hahaha*
18. i'm a conservative person..well..not as total but i still consider myself as one..
19. love to swim but several years already never gone to swimming..sure tenggelam terus..hahahaha
20. I love cardigan..stripes one..*sejak2 dah kerja kat kedai baju nih..haha*
21. hate being scolded for stupid thing..
22. i'm suckz at handling matters..
23. I'm not a good lover i guess..
24. hell!..i wanna go to dbsk concert at least once and i wanna be official cassie soon..hahaha
25. i love rainny night days...lmao

That's the 25 facts bout me.. haha... im not gonna tag anyone cos 25 iw too if u're bored.. just do this..^^

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