Saturday, February 7, 2009

[INFO] Sunye Gets Bashed By Sm Group's Fanclubs., Absurd claims of her being rude!

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Many Korean WonderFuls are fearing that the Dream Concert incident is going to rehappen this
time to Wonder Girls when they come. Reason being, they have this section on a Korean site where it's dedicated
to SM Town fans so correctly put, a place like where all the fans of DBSK, SNSD, ELF, can come and chat about each
other and their "SM TOWN" family. Well, I guess a topic went up about Sunye having her legs and arms like crossed
during DBSK's performance and then underneath the SM Town fans wrote bad negative commments about Sunye and
Wonder Girls which pissed the Korean WonderFuls off and now the WonderFuls are asking for issuing an apology but I guess SM
Town isn't being very pleasant about an apology.

Seriously sometimes fanclubs take it too far. SM groups are bashing SunYe for crossing her arms and legs during DBSK's performance during GDA, they are terming it as extremely disrespectful and what not. Seriously, is that reason enough to bash someone!?

And, this too after such a long time. We, all know that a lot of time has passed since GDA why make it an issue now. Some people just need a reason to hate.

Also remember SunYe's dress that night, most probably she must have been feeling insecure about it and was sitting in that pose.

ok this is my opinion..seriously sm fanclubs need to think before making any actions..and i hope they will be mature a bit..well, even i'm an sm family supporter but sometimes i disagree on what they are doing towards other celebs..well, i guess fandom are aware that sunye is not someone that disrespectful or juz easily being rude to others..i mean come it a fault to fold arm and crossing one leg during an occasion?..FYI, i always do that seriously..well, who doesn't right?..i maybe being biased since i'm a wonderful too..adoi ai..jangan ler macam budak kecik..semua perkara remeh nak dijadikan isu besar..macam sengal pun ada..Tuhan bagi otak pikir ler..don't act up like a's juzt that i think fans already can make a deeper thinking but i guess i'm wrong again..anyway, sunye n wg hwaiting!..fanclubs sometimes are do scary..

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