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[INFO]SHINee - "We received a lot of awards thanks to the noonas."

SHINee - "We received a lot of awards thanks to the noonas."

SHINee had a memorable 2008 and started 2009 that will shine even more brighter for them.

In 2008 SHINee was a secret group for SM Entertainment and stepped onto the music industry with Replay. SHINee had gotten all the newcomer awards thanks to the noona's support. They stand in front of the camera with all the trophies proudly. They revealed they want to get twice the amount of trophies in 2009.

We have put the Best 5 Memorable Moments in 2008 that SHINee can't forget.

#1. May 25th Debut "Lots of Sweat, disappointing"

SHINee debuted in May on SBS Inkigayo. They were very nervous and because they recorded 4 times they were sweating a lot. After they finished Jonghyun cried a lot. The members that they have a lot of work to do after monitoring the tape.

"We saw 4th recording go on. Since we worked hard starting from the rehearsal we sweated a lot. After the recording i didn't cry. In one interview they told us to say something to the people we are thankful to. I thought of my parents and started crying. I was getting one step closer to my dream and was proud of myself and was also touched." (Jonghyun)

Before debuting SHINee had trained for 3 years. Idol groups usually reveal their hard times during the trainee years but SHINee was different. They were adored a lot. When the reporter asked if they ate ramen because they had no money or had to walk home they replied with simple things.

"I went home and ate. (laughs)" (Onew)
"I liked walking so i walked home. (laughs)" (JH)
"Thanks to the sunbaenims, the practice room was really nice and the environment was good too. The sunbaenims and staffs were really good to us. We were adored/loved a lot." (Key)

What they realized after monitoring their videos after debuting was 'Working hard on stage and enjoying it is different.' SHINee worked hard to get rid of the stiff feeling they had since debut.

"I thought i fixed it but if i make the same mistake again because i was nervous i get upset" (Jonghyun)

#2. August 16th SM Concert "The stage was so big!"

The SM Concert where they performed with SM Entertainment sunbaes is a unforgettable moment too. SHINee performed Love Like Oxygen for the first time at Seoul JamShil Stadium in front of 30,500 people.

They remember the exciting moment when they stood on the same stage with BoA and DBSK and the advices they gave them backstage.

"Our family and staff members all came. The audience liked us too so it was different from other concerts. I thought this is what a festival feels like." (Minho)

"The stage was really big. I ran on the stage. While going from place to place." (Taemin)

#3. September 21st, getting 1st place with Love Like Oxygen, "We took a commemoration picture."

With the noona's warm support SHINee got their 1st Mutizen song on SBS InkiGayo. Mutizen Song is given to the song that ranks 1st place on the program chart. After getting 1st place on September 18th on M! Countdown, they got 1st place for the first time on a TV program.

"We knew we had a chance of getting the award since we were up for 1st place. When we saw our name we were very shocked. Just being a nominee for 1st place this year was meaningful for us." (Key)

"That day we took a Polaroid picture. As a commemoration. It is in our manager's room with the trophy." (Jonghyun)

#4 November 15th MKMF Newcomer Award "We went blank at that moment"

Besides MKMF, SHINee had swept up all the newcomer awards at many awards ceremony and festivals such as Golden Disk Awards, Asia Song Festival. This was already expected but SHINee said they were very nervous.

"The time they announce the nominees is the most nerve-wrecking moment. When they announced our name we went blank for a moment. When we accepted the award we started crying. I remember that the sunbaenims congratulated us. Especially when Shinhwa sunbaenims stood up and congratulated us at the Golden Disk Awards, it was very touching/moving." (Onew)

#5. November 20th Thailand Promotion "We can tell how hard the sunbaes worked"

They can't forget the day they went to do overseas promotion. SHINee has never gone overseas and they saw the crocodile show & fed the elephant bananas and had a fun time in Thailand.

"We left Korea when it started snowing. We sweated a lot in Thailand. It was very warm. I liked it a lot. The traditional massage was good too." (Jonghyun)

"When we arrived at the airport i was shocked. I never expected to see signs with our names on it. I could tell how hard the sunbaes worked here. " (Onew)

"We did a fansign and i thought that place would come crashing down. Our music video was played on TV often too. It was fascinating." (Key)

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