Friday, January 16, 2009

[INFO] Seungri regrets not being the one to have a piano battle with Junsu

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Shindong: Why do you like Xiah Junsu so much?! Why do you want to get to know him so much?!

Seungri: I got to like Xiah Junsu hyung because .... DBSK are a very idol group that everyone adores. I saw Xiah Junsu hyung singing live. He puts his soul into it. And it looked so good that he sang with so much passion and love. As a viwer you could see all that. As a person who was growing dreams to become a singer, I felt attracted to him as a dongsaeng. I tried talking to him a couple of times but it was .. really ... awkward.

Shindong: Let's do a audio message.

Seungri: Big Bang and DBSK. They seem like a group that might get along but not really- they're like oil and water. But one day I saw DBSk's live and I saw one of the lead singers- Xiah Junsu hyung, singing with so much passion and he was an inspiration to me who was dreaming to become a singer. I wanted to get closer to him, but he liked the other members. I saw him talking to Daesung hyung over the phone. I saw him Taeyang hyung texting with Xiah Junsu hyung - about spending the nights together. *"cries"*

Shinyoung: Don't cry. Let it out.

Seungri: Xiah Junsu hyung, in the future please know my feelings for you/heart towards you. Please make me feel welcome next time we meet.

Shindong: That's really tearjerking.

Shinyoung: Junsu-sshi, I hope you become closer to Seungri.

credits: the ever-great lola ♥ for the vid/audio charixiahma for the translation

haha..seung ri is such a fanboy..juz see the way he expressed his feelings..haha..susu ah~..treat seung ri better next time

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