Sunday, November 23, 2008


1. Whose picture is it that you keep in your wallet?
hahaha..really wanna know? hubby all the way..hahaha

2. What time do you go to bed?
erm..depends on my sleeping mode..if i fell sleepy i can go to bed at 9 but if not 2-3am..lolx

3. What was the last thing you did?
erm..spamming in cassies blogs at cf..hella fun sia~..lolx

5. Who's the person you're gonna call if you need emotional help?
i no need to call a person coz i'll talk wif my sisters or mom..hehe

6. What's on your mind now?
foods..hungry now ler...hahaha

7. What did you do last night?
onlining and had a good night sleep..hahaha

8. With whom do you wanna have fun?
haha..if can..wif all my members..old and new..

9. When was the last time you went out to the mall?
erm..last week..keke

10. What do you hate the most for now?
my astro remote..nenong ady..rasa nak hentak je..haha

12. What things do you want to do now?
reading books?? o_0

13. What do you do everyday besides eat and sleep?
online, watching tv, bathing, staring at jaejoong..hahaha

14. Colors that make you happy?
all bright colours..but i really love red and black combination..

15. Most favourite things for you?
updating my blog and knowing dong bang is in good condition..hehehe

16. What was the last thing you bought? cream..hahaha

17. Miss someone?
miss him always..hahaha

18. Are you a coffee addict?
coffee??..during exams..yes..nak bersengkang mata sey..

19. Are you satisfied with your life right now?
not really coz i've become the laziest creature alive!..

20. Would you share a glass of water with a friend?
sure..adding kemesraan ma..hahaha

21. When was the last time you ate seafood?
seafood?? udang..udang is seafood gak kan??..hahaha

22. Ever had a food fight?
when i small lah..

23. What do you usually eat for breakfast?
nasi lemak and milo panas..haha

24. Lost a friendship over something stupid?
lost a friendship??..when i kecik2 dulu la..hahaha

25. Been really depressed before?
depressed till crazy x pernah la..hahaha

26. What's your favourite food?
nasi goreng and bihun goreng..aish..whatever lah..tolak batu and kayu je..hahaha

27. Cried in front of your boyfriend?
boyfriend x da..nak cry depan sapa?..hahaha..

28. Can you remember what you did on the first day of your school in high school?
high school?..when i was form 1..i'm in hostel..that night cried non stop siot..hahaha

29. Did you ever cheat during an exam?
haha..definitely and luckily till now never been caught..hahaha.i threw small papers to my next door friend and ask her how to do..hahhaha

30. What do you want to do afterwards? eat..

Who do you want to tag?
you are reading this??..then do it!

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