Saturday, November 1, 2008



almost forgot to post about this topic..when i dropped by at hosh's blog..then only i realized..huhu..well, what can i say about word..FAMILIES..haha..actually i've joined one forum before csspf..well, have to admit..i'm so stupid in this forum-ing, i left that forum..then i think i found csspf thru friendster fan profile..i dunnoe..fell in love with it once i entered it..i urged my sister to teach how to edit profile and all..i tried to be active..but seriously..i'm not that type who likes to read rules..haha..*but since i become mod, i'm the one who always asking people to follow the rules* ironic..hahaha..ok..because of that..i always got pm from the staff..*happened before i be the mod*..for breaking the letter about 'PLEASE REPLY MORE THAN 10 WORDS & SIGGIES SIZE' most of people out there..i admire people who got post in that, decided to contribute more..and my 1st award..i became one of the special happy i am that time..haha..then i aimed for vip rank's the highest rank among normal members..but somewhere around that moment..hermione said she needs moderator to moderate certain sections..honestly..i'm interested but scared cannot fulfil the resposibility..finally i have been interviewed and been accepted to the team..thanks admins..hehehe..i really love the job..since i'm so active in news island section..she asked me to moderate there 1st..after a while..i felt, i asked erica to let me moderate the 5 prince palace up to sweetly couple land section..haha..*how greedy*..for the sake of my family..i'm willing to help..=):p..
ohya..almost forgot about joomun cbox..da cbox that makes people become addictive to this connects people from around the world..kekeke..there..i love my tya lee fams so much!..i think they really know how happy i am when they paired me up with jaejoong and i had 2 daughters with him...hahaha..i love everybody actually..from the the admins till da newest member..i really adore them..hehehe..i never feel so happy when i live in this net world..LYN, CHO, HOSH, XANG UNNIE, FARRA UNNIE, EIKO UNNIE, NISA UNNIE, WAWA UNNIE, WYDA UNNIE, FC UNNIE, RJ UUNNIE, TYA, TOTTO, CLAR, ASHIE, RIA UNNIE, CAT UNNIE, ZAI, ZAI UNNIE, LUCY, GIGI, MICHELLE, FLOR aka SHRIMPY, VYE UNNIE, DESPINA, APPLE, HERMIONE, ERICA, JANET, GARNET, ALYCE, AIDA, FION, NUKI, JESS, CHIBI N WINNIE, MIMI, JIJA, n other families..sorry if i omitted ur name..*i'm a forgetful person..really*..hehe..SARANGHAEYO!!!

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