Monday, September 8, 2008

spazzing about 'her' again~

actually i've already draft about my post today in school..keke..
glad that most of my friends especially my group said they liked the way i write my life in this blog..
anyway, today i'm gonna tell something about a couple..remember about i wrote in a title "is she so desperate"?..well, it's all about them today..

i went to school as usual..and we were having history trial today..i'm not doing my revision last night but luckily can answer the questions..well, at least i didn't leave blank answer..hehe..that means i'm not sure whether my answers are correct or's already i can change the answer..haha..

ok..i cut it short..after the test..we all sat in a group..and start a revision for tomorrow test?..nah~..we all were chatting around and laughing here and there..haha..
and now it's the time to start the 'real' talks..haha..
i heard that XM went out with that so called lil bro somewhere in the friends said..that boy kinda ashamed and he even dun have the guts to look at my pals..but that 'innocent' girl like so proud walking wif him and maybe she dared to shout to the world that her bf is sooo god!

i wanna highlight this situation is not because i'm jealous or what but hello..doesn't she realize what month is it now??..let me state it loud and clear for's Ramadhan la wey..behave urself a bit my gave such a sore-eyes to everybody that's looking at you for god sake..and you were wearing something that made people recognize where are you from..i mean which school..what happen if you been caught and been seen by other students??..don't you feel so ashame or something??..ohya..i remember..maybe you don't have such a feeling..what a pity..

ok..pheww..gonna stop this right now..
it's weird..i don't see the word or can't even remember it when i'm thinking of her...haha...sorry, babe~..

till then..

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