Friday, September 5, 2008

is she so desperate? i wanna write about what we so called "true love"..
true love??..blueekk..:p

this story is about a girl name MX..she has the same age with me..
and she has this kind of innocence look that people will have a good 1st impression on her..
but trust me..after u getting to know her..she makes u sick!

my 1st impression on her also is a good one..
when look at her..i think she's behaving like da angel from the blue sky..
maybe if she's good..da angel word can suits her well..but after knowing her attitude..can i say like da devil from da hell??..haha..

i think she has this situation where people said..cultural-shock..haha
well, maybe before, she've studied in all girls, she's kinda excited when reached all boys' school..haha..her attitude when she's mixing around da boys is like very friends and i are also new to this all-boys-school, but we know how to behave about her??..

and i admit that our group is not that good..
always condemn her head is way too big for her body, the way she walks really make our stomach aching..omo..we are so bad, right?
but who cares..hate her and she's not pretty anyway..haha..believe me..

the moment i saw da way she behave in front of the boys..already like..eww..this girl annoys me much..or suppose to say,..annoy us much..haha..

and now..her secret is revealed..she thought we all not know about what's happening..between her and that YY..YY is her boyfriend and know what..he juz god!..he juz like a lil bro to big sisters like us..and to her can she consider him a lover??..even people nowadays said..dat love is blind..nah~..keep that words in ur pocket when comes to her..

dat's y i she so desperate??..that guy also is not in handsome-guys-lists..i know he's nice and good..but..he can find someone's better..which younger than he himself..not someone that she can call big sister!..

when we found this news..we kinda shock..due to the innocence face she has and nice attitude in front of strangers..but now..dang!..she's doom..most of us already know..and that make us getting more sick when sees her..

well..last but not this ms MX..i will ask for forgiveness..erm, like end of my last breath??..haha..

duh~..whatever..i still dun like u..stop pretending n start being urself la, stupid!..sorry to say..kinda emotional right now..haha..

till then..

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