Friday, September 12, 2008

i'm here now~

pheww..i miss blogging..
but what to do..i've got trial exams that keep me busy and stick wif books only..
so, how are you guys today?..i hope my families are okay and fine..=)
well..i dunnoe what to write today..
what strikes in my mind..i'll write it ok..hehe

yesterday which was thursday..i've got no paper actually..
and u know what..just 5 people only who attends school..i mean my class of course..
in my group only hanisah and me..laily, harfah n fini decided just to stay at home and do da revision..
it's funny..i thought when we go to school, we will have more time to study coz at many seductive stuff like my comps, astro, da dvds n all..haha..
but things seems turnd another way round..haha..
at school we were not studying except da last few minutes before da bell rang..haha..
we were spazzing n chatting wif our god!..i love them..they are very sporting and we talked a lot of stuff..
erm..i like da way puan zalinah or we call her mama z share da stories wif us..and we really like to talk with her too..sometimes like a mother and sometimes she just like a friend..=)

and da story for today...*sigh*
what happen to my history paper???!!!
i'm doomed, damn it!!!..questions on asia..i think it's quite ok but questions on malaysia make me went urrgghh!!!! sounds frustrated right??..yeah..i am frustrated!..
not only me..most of my friends in the class are da same too..this time..history paper will be da killer test..omo..i dunnoe what to say..what i've been revised yesterday..just imagine..not even one question that hit my target!..feel like so gonna cry this morning..huhu..but what to least i try my best to answer and i didn't leave it blank..*sigh*

next paper will be economics and bahasa melayu..
i hope can answer them very well..
wish me luck guys..
ur prayer means a lot to me!..

till then..

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