Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i'm so upset today!!!!

that arts 3 students really make me pissed during MUET class...
we were playing games..and it's SPELL IT RIGHT game..
OMG!..they were acting like monkeys..shouting here and there..
except for rachel and hui fong n few good people..they are ok lah..
the rest just like shit!..and they think that they are so clever..
ok i admit that students of arts 3 are top ones..but that doesn't mean you can underestimated others..and this guy name christopher..1st impression when saw him..this guy is nice..but today i knew him already..knew how his attitude is..n now i wanna say he is so gay n sissy at the same time!!!..he criticized others but he was surrounded by girls n know what i heard he's gay n many people are talking about it!..
from now on..i have no respect towards you guys anymore..seriously..and please..when entering other people's have a respect..dun wanna respect us it's ok but hafto respect the teacher, idiots!...
i swear a lot today and they deserve that..
and serve them right..when they think our class is so stupid..
i can spell all the hard words..while they not even know how to spell electrical and students??..duh~!..keep that word in ur pocket, scumbags..

done for today..and i'm waiting for the next class..
i will shout hell out straight on ur face if u guys make me angry summore..
wait n see..

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