Tuesday, June 17, 2008

now i'm using both language..we call it 'rojak' bahasa..

hari ni aku pegi sekolah macam biasa...
tapi oleh sebab exams, x de lah belajar...
n students yang datang pon 7 orang out of!
2 boys, saufi and dilip..girls, me, nisa, harfah, shafini, samantha..
ape lah nak jadi ngan dieorg yang x page sekolah ler kononnya..
yelah tu...suke hati lah...
aku actually nak citer ape yg kiteorg dok borak2 kat skool..
borak ngan budak2
and today..we all discuss about what we call 'life'.....

teacher is not around..and we started to sit in a group..
chatting and discussing..

we ask them..i mean da guys..
is it true that you only think about sex??..
and they said..guys if see a girl's body..
in their mind already said like..' i wanna see what's inside her'..
come on article once said..guys usually think about sex in every 60 seconds..
we believe..through a girl's eyes..a guy can imagine about her lips, her cheeks and etc..
just through the eyes..haha..a guy can see more than just eyes..n yeah.. i agree with that..
i mean..that is a guy nature..

we asked more..
do u like when ur gf is sexy?
wear very tight and fit shirt..then, wear a scarf..wth!..i don't like girls like that..especially malay!
you know you are muslim..why you wear like that?..wanna show off to guys that you are beautiful??..bullshit! can express your beauty in various way..
later guys like you not because who you are but because he wants you dammit..i don't like seeing my own race to be like that..where's your pride??..don't you feel ashame of yourself??..*sighing*
ok..back to the question..they said haha..people always think we are proud..but actually we feel embarassed to walk side by side with is because..people will not think like..woah..ur gf is damn sexy n hot's wrong..people will think..this girl already 'done' that thing..O_0..
haha..when i see girls wear sexy..i just smile and shake my head..sometimes i will directly said..
*kau ingat lawa sangat pakai macam tu?*..perrgh..memang best kenakan orang macam tu..haha

next..we asked them..
when you couple with a girl..what actually you want her to do?
they thing..please don't treat another guys..don't contact with another guys..
i agree with saufi and dilip for saying dat..
even girls always said..boyfriends have no right for controlling with whom they want to be friends..but if you think back..there's reason why ur bf do like that..for will find it difficult to be loyal if you use to treat other boys instead of treating your own bf..
dilip and saufi also have gf..and guess what..they never have other girls contact number..
and they said..why girls cannot do the same thing..girls usually get mad knowing their bf keeping other girls number but why girls can keep other boys number?..that is why people always said..girls are selfish..haha..n i'm kinda agree with it..
and in malay we said like this...the guys said it..
'kalau si pompuan buat sial pada aku, aku buat sial pada dia balik'...haha..
and they's true..guys can change because of someone they love..
if you ask your bf to stop drink or smoke..he will stop immediately..
that is girl's power..haha...

last but not least....
i just wanna said that..
honestly..i never n ever like malay girls who wear sexy clothes..
wear jeans and t-shirts is common thing..
but i don't like when see them wearing..jeans and fit clothes..
wth!!..hello!..never learn agama before??..
god ask you to wear something nice and sweet..
not something hot and sexy..until can make boys cannot control their lust!..
girls have 9 lust and one brain..guys have 9 brains and one lust!..
that one lust is sex..and that is the hardest thing to control..
that's why boys can always escape from something..coz they got extra brains..haha..
and i kinda agree when the boys you know why raping cases so often happen??
you as a girl you should know...when you wear sexy..guys are watching you..and you make them cannot control their lust..eventually, that's what will happen..raping and murdering...haiz...
my teacher also got said...that mr saufi-economy teacher...
when you and ur bf touch with each other..will create a 'spark'..and as time goes by..if the 'spark' always happen..the time you get married..the 'spark' will gone...hahaha..
and it's so minority..couples who get married and still have the 'spark'...hahaha...

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