Thursday, January 17, 2008

my world is full with dong bang love!

Everyday or even every life is full of happiness when i watch n listen to the songs of my favourite boyband, dong bang shin ki..i guess this group had given the world a very deep impact....especially to the girls...hahaha...they even have fanz among the guys...especially to whom interested in's not new knowing dbsk also have fanz among da males...erm, what i can say about dbsk are they are very talented especially in dancing, singing, acting, modelling or in short...we call it perfectness....just say can find it in a group called dong bang shin ki...truthfully, they have a full package to be in the entertainment industry....or let just say....THEY WERE BORN TO BE THE ENTERTAINER!!

dong bang shin ki or tong vfang xien qi consists of 5 members which
are uknow yunho, youngwoong jaejoong, micky yoochun, xiah junsu
and choikang korea, they have been called as dbsk in
short or well as in japan, they are known as tohoshinki..
japan, they had considered dat country as their 2nd home after korea...
dbsk were debut in year 2003 n their 1st song entitled 'hug' had given korea a great impact...for 2-3 years in row, they had won daesang award which means d award was given to the best artiste n songs....this group was known as an acapella group at the 1st place but they developed as stars dat carries various genres of songs..they were also had talents in acting since they had been acted in short dramas or what korean-called as banjun...such as dangerous love, the unforgettable love, uninvited guests, 1st love, masked fencer, tokyo holidays, n finding lost time...their acting career never ends there after they acted in movies like vacation n dating on the earth...dbsk also appear in many cfs especially uniforms, because of they have a tremendous achievements in the entertainment industry, makes them had da biggest fanbase in korea known as CASSIOPEIA...cassiopeia is what they use to call their fanz...directly, makes the fanz feel really special n close to them...finally, i hope that this group will last forever!!..

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